Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Ride the Bike? 



What should I wear ?   

As your legs are inside and your upper body is behind the screen, even on the coldest winters day it is pleasantly warmer than what you imagine, so generally, what ever you are wearing just walking around, plus a wind breaker should be fine. Maybe a scarf .Better still take, someone with you that you enjoy cuddling up with!!  We have a blanket to back that up if the weather gets real nasty or the person you are with doesn't want a cuddle up!


What if the weather's rubbish ? 

As you are protected from all bit the foulest of weather generally we will still go, however your safety is the priority followed by your comfort so together if we decide that it wouldn't be safe or just plain miserable we will try to reschedule .If that is not possible a full refund will be paid   


Can I use my own helmet?  

Yes . It MUST be a Helmet authorised to be on the highway. IE NOT a mountain bike, kayak, farm bike,or industrial type.  


What if I change my mind?

​         Give us 24 hours notice.~~~~~~~~~~~~~No charge.      

  **Less than 24 but more than 1 hr, ~~~~   50% refund ,

 **Less than 1 hour.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  No refund 

**unless we can fill that spot 

You may lose any booking fee if booked through an Agency 


​How safe is it ?

The most vulnerable person on the sidecar is the rider,   ME!!    If you have read "About Us" you will see that I have participated in any number of advanced riding courses and have spent many hours riding the sidecar by myself and with volunteers to ensure I am ready for  almost  anything the rest of the motoring world can throw at us


Can I buy things on the way ?

Please Do . There is room in the boot for a few bottles of wine or beer  and samples from  all our stops along the way. Most places will forward merchandise  to where ever you want. Talk to them individually about that.