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​I have been wandering around the local area looking for interesting destinations and have been overwhelmed by the huge range of different things happening and cool places to visit.

Mostly though , I have been blown away by the support and encouragement from the operators and owners of, the various places I have contacted.

Due to the slightly dodgy weather forecast for the next few days I am making up some tour packages to include some of these for the warmer months that are just around the corner .I will put these on the Tours page and on FaceBook 

I would love to report that I have been so busy that I can’t think but sadly this is not the case. Even though Nelson has been blessed with some awesome winter days I haven’t been able to break the shackles as yet.

I took 2 random couples that were wondering around the Nelson market on Saturday morning for a free trip around Rocks Road and up Bisley Ave to the Princes Drive lookout. .They enjoyed themselves heaps .Come and have a go if you want the same unique experience!!

I am presently booked in with a local company for a one on one tutorial to try and remedy my social media ineptness. Never to late to learn. Once I get Facebook sorted I will get Instagram underway. Watch this space 

Touring and Sightseeing in the Nelson and Tasman Bay area of New Zealands South Island should be on everyone’s Bucket list

Award winning breweries, vineyards, local Artisans and Craftsperson’s make this area home. Maybe it is because of the weather (Nelson is regularly the Highest sunshine area in N.Z.) or the diverse Flora and Fauna of a region that has 3 National Parks (Nelson Lakes, Kahurangi and Abel Tasman) or maybe it is just a bloody nice place. From the family safe beach at Tahunanui to the wild of Kayaking through the Matakitaki Gorge there is something for everyone.

Getting around should be part of the fun, not a chore and a bore that takes up so much action time.

 Luckily Tasman Bay Sidecar Tours is here. Seated side by side snugly in our purpose-built unit, getting to your destination at last becomes part of the fun.

My name is Warwick and I am a returned local, proud to call Nelson home and even prouder to show you around.

Whether you want a quick trip to a local look out, A few hours visiting a bunch of craft breweries or a full day of sights you will remember for ever, a sidecar is such a cool way of getting there.      More to come…….